Automatic Flatbed with Bronzing (ALD-1080T)

  • Complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security, low noise.
  • Adopt worm, worm gear, crankshaft transmission, high cutting pressure,high durability.
  •  High precision intermittent mechanism, high cutting precision, running steadily.
  • Adopt European feeder, suction adjustable, stable, precise, good paper applicability.
  •  Non-stop feeding, pre-stacking and collection mechanism can shorten the auxiliary time, improve the efficiency.

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  1. Human-friendly designed die frame and baseplate, makes installation, adjustment convenient.
  2. Pneumatic die locking device, die frame fixed more steadily, accurately and time saving.
  3.  Front lay, side lay, feeding device fine tuning device, paper positioning more accurate.
  4. Double, crooked, empty optoelectronic position control, ensure the paper in the right position, reduce waste.
  5. Electronic control modular design, adopt imported electronic components, ensure the accuracy and reliability.
  6. Touch screen man-machine interface, real-time monitor the running situation, makes machine adjustment, trouble shooting more convenient.
  7. Adopt imported server control system for foil stamping, feeding and collecting aluminum foil accurately.
  8. Adopt industrial tablet PC, touch screen input data, realize automatic programming, greatly saving aluminum foil.
  9. Temperature control system has 12 heating area, temperature setting separately, thermostatic control.

Main technical parameters

Max paper size
1080 x 780 mm
Min paper size
400 x 330 mm
Max cutting size
1075 x 770 mm
Die frame inner size
1100 x 790 mm
Cutting plate
1080 x 780 mm
Max bronzing size
1060 x 760 mm
Min gripper needle size
7 mm
Cutting precision
≤±0.125 mm
Bronzing precision
≤±0.125 mm
Max cutting speed
300 T
Max cutting speed
7000 S/H
Max bronzing speed
6500 S/H
Foil roll max diameter
Φ250 mm
Vertical foil width
15~1060 mm
Horizon foil width
15~760 mm
Vertical foil axle
3 pce
Horizon foil axle
2 pce
Heating area
12 pce
Temperature range
50~199 ?
Pre-stacking height
1550 mm
Collection stack height
1500 mm


White board
0.1?2 mm
Corrugated paper
?4 mm
Main motor power
11 KW
Heating area power
24 KW
Total power
60 KW
?L (+ pre-stacking )xW?+ platform?x H?
ALD -1080T
5600(+1600)x2550(+1400)x2600 mm
17 T