Window Patching Machine Single head (ALD-650)

ADV-650 Window Patching Machine is applied for gluing and filming of box windows, paper bottom suction feeding, correctly tapper, auto glue, paste and roll to complete the whole processes, with auto accounting. It is the ideal equipment for window patching for various boxes, easy to adjust with high efficiency.

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Feeding section adopts bottom paper extraction though extraction belt instead of clutch control, to ensure continuous feeding non-stop. Intermittent belt transmission adopts server control; transmission of different size can be adjusted according to paper length. Belts is equipped with gear and rack, it can be adjusted left and right.

Offset adopts flexible plate; plate can be carved according to the product needs. The roller for plate installing is provided with baseline, and the installation has to be accurate, convenient and fast, and the position of offset can be adjusted left and right at random, and front and rear position is adjusted by anteroposterior adjuster, offer can be adjust all sides.

Filming section adopts server speeder, adjust by direct type in through PC, ensuring length adjustment non-stop. Film length is cut autonomic by knife roller; Film zigzag line will be auto pressed, auto cut film opening, film is sucked and paste to the box through air-suction roller, film can be adjusted all sides.

Max Work Speed
Valid Paper Size
Valid Window Size
Valid Paper Weight
Film Thickness
Main Motor Power
Pump Power
Dimension(L xW xH)