Thread Sewing Machine

This machine is especially used for compacting loose book leaves telth thread and widely popular with printing houses, bookbinding and book marking factories.
Wide range of binding, Max. binding size 430 x 200mm. the single thickness of binding is (400-800)g. the thickness of book could be for any type of books.
Binding speed: variable from 20 cpm to 85cpm
Safety operation: a safeguard for every working part.

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Model sxb 430 sxb 430a
Max. Binding size 430-200 430-210
Min. Binding size 150x100 150x100
Binding speed(p/min) 20-85 20-85
Number of needles 8 10
Motor power(Kw)     1.22 1.22
Dimension(mm) 2300x2000x1500 2300x2000x1500