Three Knife Trimmer Machine

This machine consist of frame, transmission, book presser, cam, side cutter, front cutter, book carrier, vertical and horizontal book arranging device, book-out shelf and electric control etc.
The main transmission is roller bearing structure with bath lubrication, well-tight seal and non-leaking. The structure book pushing book is used for book arranging device to govern book out in good order. The operator only put book pile before carrier, then this machine can auto finish all the action reliably. This machine is fully closed in to prevent from wastepaper.
The foot switch is equipped to control magnetic clutch (brake) alone, thus it is more convent and safer to operate it manually.
The assemble of the work bench, active side mark, cutter readjustment is the same to QS 420.
The fast- positioning cutter apertures is used for front side cutter and side cutter in order to reduce time of cutter replacing.
The leaning cutter device is equipped to avoid paper in black of book tearing for having good quality of book.
The variable freequency speed control is used for master motor and the counting device is used for book out shelf, both of them can display on screen clearly.

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QS 380B
300 x 300mm
80 x 80mm
Max. height
Cutting speed(time/min)
Gross Power(kw)