Board Stitching Machine

Board cutting machine is cardboard cutting machine to introduce the latest German technology company, based on the integration of domestic reality, developed a new type of cardboard slitting equipment. The device is automatic feed cardboard cutter cutting accuracy of the historical problems is not enough is the best matching color box packaging enterprises cardboard slitting equipment.
Main features
1. Automatic feed conversion stepless speed regulation, the production effciency greatly improved cutting of high precision
2. Be able to meet the high-end boutique on the cardboard box the accuracy requirements.
3. Operational control system using touch-screen, so that operation and maintenance of a more simple and convenient.
4. Auto-close material bodies, so cutting out the products neatly arranged, easy to organize, reduce labour intensity, improve production efficiency.

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Min Stitching width
Max Stitching width
Max cardboard thickness
Overall Dimension
Overall weight